SANTORINI – top Mediterranean destination

It is no coincidence that Santorini is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean.  Evocative landscape, fascinating history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, unique local products and wines, constantly evolving gastronomy, high-quality services. From the volcanic landscape of the Caldera, the peculiar beaches with black sand and sculpted rocks and the important archeological site in Akrotiri […]

SANTORINI – cave houses

Cave Houses in Santorini

A form of a traditional house that we find in Santorini is the cave, which is dug into the rock. The caves of Santorini are the most characteristic houses in Santorini and the entire Aegean sea.  In essence, these traditional buildings of Santorini are the oldest and simplest form of house. The cave is a […]

SANTORINI – archaeological treasures

Santorini Akrotiri Archaiology

The archeological “heart” of the archaeological treasures of Santorini beats in Akrotiri, the ancient settlement from which frescoes, works of art, and the ruins of a well-designed city with multi-level buildings, water supply system, furniture, and all that are well preserved after the Minoan earthquake that “buried” ». No human skeletons were found in Akrotiri, […]

SANTORINI – what to see

What to see in Santorini Island

The most beautiful island on the planet.  The land of lost Atlantis. The most enchanting summer destination in Europe. The “seals” of Santorini’s fame are so absolute, that when you finally arrive at its port, you do not know what to do first and what corners to explore to feel this intoxicating charm that makes […]